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Dogwood Colombia El Encinal *LITTLE SISTER EXCLUSIVE*

Dogwood Colombia El Encinal *LITTLE SISTER EXCLUSIVE*

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At 1900masl, Finca El Encinal is the higher of Amparo Moncayo de Botina's two farms. She also farms fig trees, guamo (ice cream bean) trees, several kinds of citrus and is a leading cuy (guinea pig) farmer in her community, using their manure as an organic fertilizer. With a medium body and soft acidity, this coffee has sweet notes of orange, pecan and cocoa. 

Vanessa purchased this coffee on a buying trip in the summer of 2019 in Colombia. Looking exclusively for coffees from female producers, this coffee stood out on the table like a shining star - without knowing it came from a female producer. She purchased it as soon as she found out where it came from and since it was a 5 bag microlot, it made sense for us to reserve it just for ourselves. Like typical Little Sisters, after years of getting hand-me-downs, we like to keep what we can for ourselves. ;)

12oz. whole bean coffee - if you'd like it ground please specify how in the notes!