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Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendia

Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendia

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Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendía

Region: Huila, Colombia

Process: Semi-Carbonic Maceration

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 2150 masl.

Producer: Don Gabriel Castaño Buendía

Don Gabriel’s farm, Finca La Granada, is home to over 8000 coffee trees, most of which are of Pink Bourbon - a variety he introduced and popularized in the area earning him the nickname ‘The Godfather of Pink Bourbon’. This coffee is processed by leaving the cherry fruit entirely intact - they are kept in an oxygen depleted environment for 115 hours before being rinsed and dried for 30 days.   This controlled environment imparts wild and surprising flavours, like pink grapefruit, fruit cocktail and brown sugar. Wow, yum!