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Colombia Ana Lidia Caicedo Caldon

Colombia Ana Lidia Caicedo Caldon

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Colombia Ana Lidia Caicedo Caldon

Region: Huila, Colombia

Process: Dry Fermented, Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1900-2000 masl.

Producer: Ana Lidia Caicedo

Ana Lidia’s farm, Alto Bellavista, is nestled at the very southern tip of the Huila Department, spanning 1.5 hectares.  Its comparatively high altitude provides a natural defense against coffee-leaf rust without her ever needing to fumigate. The coffee cherries are depulped and dry-fermented for 36 hours, before being washed and dried for about 15 days.  The result? A delicately balanced coffee with almond sweetness and a fruity chocolate body. We can’t get enough of it.