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Little Sister Mixtape Maker 3

We've got another coffee shop playlist to add to your listening roster!

Here at LS, a steady stream of good music is just as vital as good coffee to get through the day. Different hours bring different vibes at each shop, so we've done our best to bottle that up into playlists for your at-home listening.

Take the coffee shop feeling with you – to your car, your earbuds, or your home. We're creating carefully curated playlists to enjoy throughout the day. 

April's playlist...

LS Mixtapes 003: Cappuccino on the Front Steps

Listening notes: Jazzy, soul and funk-forward. 

The moment: The shop mood spills out to those sitting on the front steps of Little Sister Osborne Village, enjoying a pastry and drink while friends and dog-walkers pass by.

Pairs well with: Bicycle, market bag for errands, positive thoughts despite external circumstances... yenno. The usual stuff. 

Shuffle or in-order? Shuffle away! 


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