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Little Sister Mixtape Maker 2

We're back with another mixtape! And this one is FUN.

Here at LS a steady stream of good tunes is just as vital as coffee to get through the day. Different hours bring different vibes, and we do our best to capture them with playlists that many have grown familiar and fond of.   

Take the coffee shop feeling with you – to your car, your earbuds, or your home. We're creating carefully curated playlists to enjoy for a variety of moods throughout the day. 

Next up,

LS Mixtapes 002: Sun-soaked in South Osborne.

Listening notes: Fun, tropical, beachy and laid back. You might groove a bit in your seat, or you might be needing a margarita, pronto! 

The moment: Perhaps you've seen it– the sun is streaming into LS South Osborne SO BRIGHT that everybody needs shades. The shop is buzzing, the air is light and you're having a damn good day. 

Pairs well with: Iced latte, your best pals, bicycle, sunglasses.

Shuffle or in-order? Safe to shuffle, you cool cat. 


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