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Fun news incoming!! 🎉

Since its opening in 2015, Dogwood Coffee Canada has operated in partnership with Little Sister Coffee Maker here in the Exchange District. It’s been a fantastic journey over these past 6 years, and we’re so proud to announce where we’re headed next: we have fully taken over operation of the roasterie and have rebranded into Little Sister Coffee Maker!

This is a move that represents our woman-owned, Winnipeg-based business much more accurately. It’s about more than just some new packaging (although- wow, we are so excited about that!) - we’re looking forward to applying our years of experience so you can expect increased variety, quality, and a strong focus on women coffee producers. All while making sure everything you loved about the last 6 years comes along for the ride too.

We can’t wait to share this news with you in the best way possible: by having a coffee together. Your place or ours! ☕️

Stick around for some blend introductions!

Photos by Sierra Pries

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